Available Tours:

1. Tour of the permanent exposition
2. Ural Metalcraft of the 19-20th centuries
3. Russian Painting of the 18 – early 20th centuries
4. Stonecraft and Jewellery of the Urals
5. Western Art of the 14-19th centuries
6. Art of the Urals (incudes tours of several exhibitions: Ural Metalcraft of the 19-20th centuries; Ural Painting; Stonecraft and Jewellery of the Urals; Nizhny Tagil Trays; Zlatoust Decorated Arms and Steel Engraving)

To order a tour

1. Contact the Office of Visitor Relations. Tel.: (343) 371 06 26, e-mail: gid@emii.ru
2. The touroptions, the date and time are discussed at the Office. The tour is payed for before its beginning.
3. The maximum number of group visitors is 25. A group of schoolchildren can be accompanied by an adult for whom admission is free.
4. Tour duration is 45 minutes.

Tour Prices

Tour for a group of 3-25

300 RUB